1. Generate a key pair

Please input your name as it should be added to your certificate

Choose an RSA key size

An RSA key pair will be generated in your browser. Longer key sizes provide better security but take longer to generate.


2. Paste the CSR into the CAcert form

The CAcert web application allows you to paste a custom Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when you request a client certificate. Use the button below to copy your CSR to the clipboard.


3. Get your certificate signed

Go to the New client certificate page of the CAcert web application and click the checkbox "Show advanced options". This will show you a text area where you can paste the copied CSR.

4. Build the client certificate file

You now have all the ingredients for downloading your certificate and corresponding key pair. Enter a password of your choice and click on the "Prepare Download" button to generate a file that you can use in your Browser, email client, or other applications.

5. Download ready

Your key material is ready for download. The downloadable file contains your private key and your certificate encrypted with your password. You can now use the file to install your certificate in your browser or other applications.